Thursday, March 28, 2019

Salesforce Lightning Platform Security and Sharing

Motivation behind this

Many a times, I thought of having a single glance of Security and Sharing architecture, but over the net I couldn't find it as a simple single flow. I am trying to portray this flow on best of my knowledge.

In the below flow, I am trying to showcase what the different layers of Platform Security and when a user tries on login to Salesforce what are the various steps come to play. 

After successful login, if that user tries to access the record then how Object level, field level security comes into picture.

Obviously, in a private sharing model, data or record sharing is always in demand and how that can be achievable.

Finally, to showcase transport layer security, if the user wants to send data from Salesforce to external system how different steps occur is good to know.

The following picture might help those aspirants who are preparing for Admin, Sales Cloud and Integration Architecture certifications.

Further Reference


  1. Great diagram and very easy to understand. Salesforce doc team should hire you :)

    1. Thank you Sanjiv for such a inspirational note.

  2. Thats awesome , basic concpect only but in depth an clear visual diagram to understand , Great bro for the Visual diagram

  3. Amazing! Thank you for cracking the code that is Salesforce security. Now we mortals may have a chance to understand.

  4. Very Nice diagram, will definitely use it in my work as reference.

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